Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bostin's Perfect Puppies

Bostin brought five beautiful puppies into our classroom.

Our brainstorm before writing. The yellow words are 'WOW' words that describe the puppies.

Wonderful puppy writing!

Bostin's puppies are cute and there are five puppies.    Carter

Bostin's puppies are fluffy and the puppies licked my hand. They are beautiful!    Ava

The puppy got out. Connor got it.    Arlen

I like Bostin's puppies because they lick people. The puppies are cute too.    Tyson

Bostin's puppies are cute. I cuddled two puppies.    Levi

The puppies licked my face and one ran away. I patted one.    Lloyd

I love the puppies and I cuddle them and one licked me.    Jo-Jo

Bostin's puppies came to school. I held one and it nipped my hand. Five puppies licked the boys and girls and one got away!    Preet

I like the puppies because they are cute.    Tauhe 

Bostin's puppies are cute and they licked my hand.    Riley

I held the puppies and they licked me on the face. They are seven weeks old.    Connor

I liked the puppies because they licked my hand. They ran away!    Dwayne

Bostin's puppies are cute and they drink their mother's milk.    Toby

I love the puppies!    Bostin

Friday, August 23, 2019

Term 3 Week 5

Amazing African Animal Art

We have had learned lots about African animals from making observations and gathering information from pictures, books and youtube videos. Te Kakano students are becoming more observant and notice detail. They have also asked some great questions which have led to further investigation. 

We have been learning to notice and describe patterns in our environment. Some curious students noticed that many African animals have patterns on their skin and birds have feather patterns. We are also learning about symmetry which has helped us when creating art works of animals.
We applied symmetry and patterning with colour to make these lions and ostriches.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Term 3 Week 4

Kylan's Lamb

Last week Kylan bought his two week old lamb to school. Kylan is in Te Pihi class but they kindly shared this fun learning time with us. Lunar the lamb followed Kylan everywhere. Kylan bleated and Lunar came. Kylan ran and and Lunar ran behind. We have been learning about caring for animals and we noticed how well Kylan cared for Lunar.

Thank you Mrs Bainbrige and Kylan for bringing Lunar to visit. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Term 3 Week 3

Balloon Fun.

This week we were very lucky to get about 80 balloons given to us. We looked at photos of the balloons in my little car. We used our eyes and our brains to think about:
  • why the balloons were in the car?
  • why all the balloons were pink?
  • where could Mrs Dane have got them from?
After going for a walk and noticing that the balloons were no longer in the car we continued walking around the school to discover just where they could be. Of course we had to do some serious thinking about where so many balloons could be without people noticing them, and also the places that Mrs Dane would NOT have put them. After finding them in our school Whare this is what happened!

Did you like watching this video? We like sharing some of our school experiences with you and would love to know what you think so drop us a wee comment.

Until next time . . .

Term 3 Week 2

     Can you use our clues to guess the animal? 

How did you do? Could you guess the different animals from our clues?

Term 3 Week 1

We are Learners! 

As Te Kakano students returned to school after the holidays and welcomed some new friends into our class whanau there was a lovely sense of belonging and friendship. I was very proud of the way the slightly older students welcomed and cared for the newbies. Great Job displaying the school values Te Kakano!
Te Kakano students Term 3 2019

We are very happy to have four new students join us. Carter, Sophia, Arlen and Toby welcome to our class!
Tena koe Carter.
Tena Koe Sophia.

Tena koe Arlen.
Tena koe Toby.
It was a pretty good week to start school in. There was a new Veterinary Clinic set up for our Learning through Play and we went to the Lion King movie at Te Ahu with Te Pihi and Te Putake classes. Awesome.         

Face painted and ready to go . . . AARRR!


We all loved the movie and the delicious popcorn too. We enjoyed the ride on the bus. We sang all the way in and all the way home.

  Smiling after watching a fabulous movie at the Te Ahu Centre.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Term 2 Week 10


We began the last day of term with a big classroom clean and sort-out. It was all hands on deck sorting puzzles and other resources. The children worked so well together in small groups, until the tidy-up was finished. FABULOUS TEAM WORK TE KAKANO! 
Fantastic thinking and working together team! This is a really tricky puzzle. 

Mission accomplished, the hardworking students in Te Kakano joined Te Pihi and Te Putake in a Matariki celebration. We remembered all the things we had learnt throughout the term/year and then went into the hall to watch the old 'Lion King' movie. We will compare it with the new one which we will watch at the Te Ahu center in the first week of term 3.  Earlier in the week all of the junior school children used their weaving skills to create a small kete kai [food basket] from paper. At lunch time we had hot chips in our baskets.
Delicious hot chippies

Thank you parents and caregivers for your support throughout the term. Have a great holiday with some 'sleep ins.'